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However, if you are one of manypeople not covered by Apple's warranty program, then exploring your otheroptions to replace the battery in your iPhone is still worth the effort. If youwould prefer someone else to replace your battery, rather than risk having tomess with your phone, Apple offers replacements in several differentconditions, according to the Apple site. It is unlikely Apple would offer you aloaner iPhone while yours is out for repairs, as they will only do that if the iPhone 6 or newer is still under warranty, which is unlikely given the ages of iPhones covered under this battery replacement program. Replacing is Chapters option for sending your iPhone back to Apple to get your battery replaced, but success with this kit is not guaranteed and if you damage yours in the process you will need to buy a new phone. The repair is one of, if not the, least expensive repairs that Apple offers, and it can drastically increase your iPhones speed and performance (if iOS slows things down because of the aging battery).  

Getting it done is actuallymore expensive than getting Apple'sbattery replacement -particularly as the iPhone charging saga has seen Apple lower its asking pricefor the procedure. Apple could offer to replace the batteries of older iPhonesthat are experiencing a slowdown reduced cost, but Apple has been asking userswho are phones in need of other repairs have those repairs done too -- at theextra expense -- before they will install the new battery. In fact, when Applebriefly cut its battery replacement costs on iPhones, which led about 10 times as many people to swap batteries.  

If you are still happy witheverything else about your well-cared-for iPhone or iPod, you would prefer justreplacing your batteries instead of buying an entirely new device. If youriPhone's only battery problem is capacity, not capping, then you may considerjust getting something like the Smart Battery Case to get you through until thenext new phone, instead of replacing it. Paying someone to swap out your oldbattery is not your only option here; it may sound intimidating, but it is possible to open up your iPhone and repair your own battery. Opening your iPhone voids your warranty, but if your battery is old enough that it needs replacing, chances are that you are well past your 12-month warranty.  

If your iPhone is still under warranty, or ifyou have AppleCare+, and Apple finds that your battery is defective, the repairis free. You can go to iPhoneRepair Bangalore, you can always mail youriPhone back to Apple to get the battery replaced, but that process takes quitea bit longer since you have to wait until Apple mails you the box in which youshould ship the iPhone, send it, get the battery replaced by Apple, then mailit back to you. If you are having poor battery life and performance, head to anApple store, pay that $29, get the new battery, and feel like you got a whole new iPhone. Apple charges for installing new batteries are quite reasonable, and it is definitely a lot cheaper than buying a new phone.   


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